Revolutionize Your Digital Presence with The Most Transparent Billing Model

Efficient Billing: Pay Only for the Minutes Your Projects Need

At Media Hive, we’re not just another digital agency. We’re trailblazers in redefining how you manage your online presence, and our transparent billing model is at the forefront of this revolution. With us, you can finally bid farewell to the era of hidden costs, unpredictable invoices, and the never-ending employee cost puzzle. Instead, say hello to complete control and a billing system that’s as crystal clear as daylight.

Time is Money: Our Minute-Based Billing Keeps Costs in Check

Our Pricing Tiers:

Basic Tier (5 Hours for €100): Unlock 5 Hours of Power: Pre-purchase 5 hours of our expert services at an unbeatable price of just €100. But here’s where the magic begins: every minute of work is screen-recorded, so you can witness every action. No more wondering if your investment is paying off. Timeless Investment: Your purchased hours are yours forever, with no looming expiration date. It’s flexibility like you’ve never experienced.

Standard Tier (10 Hours for €150): Embrace Excellence: Secure 10 hours of dedicated service for only €150, and dive into a world of total transparency. We record every single action taken, ensuring you’re always in the know about the progress of your projects. Timeless Investment: Just like the Basic Tier, your hours never expire, offering you peace of mind and flexibility.

Premium Tier (20 Hours for €200): Supercharge Your Web Management: Elevate your web management game with 20 hours of top-tier service for a mere €200. What sets us apart? You can watch our experts at work through screen-recorded videos. Timeless Investment: No rush, no worries – your hours remain valid forever, providing you with maximum flexibility for your projects.

Why Choose Media Hive? Our transparent billing model isn’t just about numbers; it’s about empowering you with control and insight like never before. With our screen-recorded videos, you can see every minute of work in action, ensuring you get precisely what you pay for.

This billing system isn’t merely cost-effective; it’s far superior to hiring another employee. You don’t need to worry about training, benefits, or downtime. We bring expertise without the overhead.

Join the revolution and experience website management like never before. Say goodbye to surprises, hidden fees, and employee cost losses. Say hello to Media Hive, where transparency, control, and satisfaction are guaranteed with our 100% money-back guarantee. Your website, your way, powered by us.

Basic Tier

  • Pre-purchase 5 Hours of Digital Services
  • With our screen-recorded videos, you see every minute of work
  • No Expiry Date: Your purchased hours are yours forever, with no expiration date
100 20€ Per hour

Standard Tier

  • Pre-purchase 10 Hours of Digital Services
  • Total Transparency: We record every action on your website, so you're always aligned
  • Timeless Investment: Your hours never expire, giving you maximum flexibility
150 15€ Per hour

Premium Tier

  • Pre-purchase 20 Hours of Digital Services
  • Your Online Presence, Your Way: Watch our experts at work and guide the process
  • No Rush, No Worries: Your hours remain valid forever, giving you peace of mind
200 10€ Per hour

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